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Buyer Brokerages Dedicated 100% to Buyers!

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Buyers want their own Buyers Brokerage. Your biggest edge in finding the right home at the best price is a great buyers agent at your side. If you call the name on the sign or click on the link provided by one of the big On-Line search engines, your likely to get a sales agent with contractual obligations to Sellers to get the Highest Price possible. Remember, all real estate agents are first Agents of their BROKER with fiduciary duties to the broker/brokerage. These are the real Agents in today's Real Estate. Agents of the Broker are usually Dual Agents (working with both buyers and sellers at the same time) or Transaction Brokers (not represent either buyer or seller ) whose primary job is closing the sale.

Here's the Difference
The Buyers Brokerage does not have Listings or contractual obligations to Sellers. Here, the Broker and Agents all work exclusively for the Buyer to find the best properties, negotiate the lowest price and protect the buyers interest... NOT the Sellers. These buyer brokerages are also called Buyer Only brokerages or CBB ( Confirmed Buyer Brokerage) and the Buyer Agents are referred to as exclusive-buyer-agents, exclusively buyer agents or ABA (Approved Buyer Agents).

Look for the ABA and CBB seal of approval when choosing your Buyer Agent.

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