Should I use a Buyers Brokerage ?

The SHORT ANSWER IS... If you're making a substantial investment in Real Estate, using a brokerage that specializes working exclusively for buyers and has the same goals and objectives as buyers, just makes good sense!

Why this makes sense for Home Buyers.

The Broker of a real estate brokerage is the manger, sometimes owner. The licensees that work for the brokerage are AGENTS of the Broker.

In the traditional brokerage property sellers enter into a Listing contract with the Broker, not the Brokers Agent who writes up the Listing contract for the Broker. The Broker's goal is to get the Seller the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time. The Agents of the Broker share this contractual obligation to the Sellers. It's easy to see how this contractual obligation with Sellers creates a conflict of interest when attempting to work with Buyers

A Buyer Brokerage is different. There are NO Listing and therefore no sales obligations to Sellers. The goals and objectives of a Buyers Brokerage are the same as the Buyers goals... To find the best properties, negotiate the lowest possible price and protect the Buyers Interest every step of the way.